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Hey stranger!

Fixipro is in the fly mode at the moment.
If you didn't hear about us: we've developed uber-style household problem fixing platform.
We've failed to scale up from startup because of internal team problems after 2 years of development.
At the moment we have:

1. working API
2. working web for clients
3. working ios application for clients
4. working android application for clients
5. working ios application for fixers
6. working android application for fixers

Every part mentioned above was running live with real people and real works until we stopped it in 2019.

Currently we are thinking of:

a) selling project to guys who will have time to expand it to a new level

b) accepting investment and making this project best in the world with best developers there are

c) matching with specialists who can help if you do such a project

For any of those reasons please contact: